Glancing Backwards & Stepping Forwards

Welcome to the new home of Champagne in A Teacup – a new, simpler URL and new aesthetic to match.

2017 was a good year for the inconsistent corner of cyber-space that operates under the Champagne in a Teacup pseudonym. Progressing to the finals of V by Very Blog Awards was a highlight, as it suggested the judges liked what they read. For a tiny, hobby blog that was a virtual high five that led to a sense of quiet satisfaction. But more so Champagne in a Teacup continued to get me to live more so I could write more.  And that is why I enjoy blogging and despite taking long blogging breaks at times, why I don’t actually want to be the girl who “used to have a blog.

Yes, the writing can be therapeutic. Yes, the creative element can make me feel inspired. Yes, there is a sense of satisfaction when a post is completed and goes live. But mostly the blog pushes me to try more, do more and ultimately to live more.

So now I own my own page (for non-bloggers a boring, technical move from hosted to self-hosted) and as you can see my former content has not migrated with me. It is very much a fresh start and I have all the excitement and lofty ambitions of a child starting a new copybook in September.  I am aiming to be a little more organised both with what I post and when I post it. But having changed my page not my nature, that is unlikely to be a realised goal. Still hope springs eternal.

I intend from here on to keep my content a little more focused on the areas I really love writing about- food, travel and books. So expect restaurant reviews and recipes, 24 Hours in … (wherever I am lucky enough to visit) slots and book recommendations. Fashion and film are probably out – I bluff about them with no real appreciation of either art form. Beauty posts I am on the fence about.  A friend is threatening to organise make-up lessons for a little posse of us –  maybe a step on the road to beauty blogging some day!!!  But considering I am currently approaching 40 and incapable of using eyeliner or lip liner, I think beauty posts will be more occasional than regular for now.

And as is so often the case, the more things change the more they will stay the same. This blog began as a little chronicle of my lifestyle and experiences and that is what it will continue to be. A little of this and a little of that – meandering and changing just as life itself inevitably does – a little diary of an ordinary life in the real world. I hope you enjoy it xo

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